Chase Bank Scam Warning

By Gavin | August 21, 2018

This post is to keep you safe, I got an email today from Chase Bank says unusual debit activity detected. That'd be fine if I actually banked a Chase or had a Chase credit card or something, this is a little obvious, but this is how the majority of your hacks are made. Never fall for this, I'm going to make a post for everybody, that will teach you how to never get hacked.


Hacks' everything else is professional except email

I want to show you this just so you will recognize what the majority of hacks are and how they take place. Look here says Chase Bank, you notice the email is not Chase, but everything else looks very professional, they'll even tell you that they never asked for your social security or email addresses and all that other stuff.

But check this out says visit the following page, click here ok, here we are on their splash page which is basically on their URL, you'll notice that it says has a privacy notice, it's got the Chase online with a 3m logo got all of this stuff, looking really beautiful right now.


They only want to get your identity

Remember I don't have a chase account, so I'm going to type in a very nasty letter, and then I'm just going to hit a couple of random letters and a couple of random numbers, and then I'm going to log into, my suppose it account here, we go looking nice card member services login.

Please wait, guess what, we're in card member services where they want your first name, your last name, your address, your zip code, your phone number, your social security card number, your mother's maiden name, your birth date, your card number expiration date, name, CRB, everything they need to one max out your account, and to steal your identity, and sell your house from underneath you.

So never do this stuff, now if you wanted to actually fill in these fields you can, they want a nap, they really want to make sure you get it, they know that the card number is invalid because it has the wrong ending number. Anyway, you get the idea, total scam ripoff from a criminal that only wants to steal your money, stay safe at the game.

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